Picture of Caden's light switch design

Oliver Springs High School freshman, Caden Whedbee, won the Trane Energy Light Switch Design Contest in the high school division sponsored by Trane Energy and Roane County Schools. 

As stated by Lance Duff, Supervisor of Secondary Education in Roane County Schools,  "Trane Energy Services has worked with the Director of Schools, Director of Maintenance and the Roane County School Board over the past few years to develop an energy infrastructure/conservation program across the school district that is guaranteed to reduce utility cost by over $6.9M over the next 16 years. The upgrades being implemented range from heating, ventilating and air conditioning upgrades, LED Lighting Upgrades, Automation System upgrades, etc. 

To bring awareness to these projects and to get our students involved, Trane [sponsored] a light switch sticker contest...Trane [assisted] in selecting the winners for each grade span level. Winners...will have their light switch plate sticker displayed on light switches across the district."  

Congratulations, Caden!