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Congratulations to Ms. Hatfield for entering Oliver Springs High School into Code.org's Computer Science Leadership program. She won a grant of $10,000 to further improve OSHS's Computer Science department!

From code.org's press release: 

"As part of the 10th Hour of Code, we partnered with DonorsChoose to award $1 million to U.S. schools to help more students get access to computer science...

We wanted to recognize the schools who are working hard to recover from the challenges that our education system has gone through over the past two years and support their goals to establish or expand access to computer science not only for students in their own classrooms, but also in their districts.

This week, the 102 winning schools have each been awarded the CS Leaders Prize of $10,000 to help establish computer science education for their students! These schools are all adding a new computer science course in the 2023–2024 school year. This will impact more than 55,000 students, many in underserved areas. The winning schools will also work within their districts to impact many more students in other schools in the coming years.

In addition to the $10,000 awarded to the school through DonorsChoose, the implementing teacher(s) in each winning school will receive a no-cost scholarship to attend Code.org’s Professional Learning Program."