Teal Background with purple school "Positive Student Incentives" text

This year at Oliver Springs we are offering NEW incentives to students for Attendance and Positive Behavior! 


Perfect Attendance- 1 name will be drawn at the end of each quarter for a BIG PRIZE. Those dates are:


Once a month, the class with the highest percentage of attendance will receive a trophy.  

December and May - If you miss 3 days or less during the winter or spring semester (respectively), your name will be put in a drawing.  We will draw 3 names for a prize.

Positive Behavior

Once a month, teachers will nominate 1 student that has shown good behavior. 5 names will be drawn for a prize…everyone nominated will receive a small prize.  

Once a month, students can nominate 1 student for positive behavior.  They will need to fill out a Google Form and give a short reason why they are nominating someone.  Names will be put in a drawing for a prize.   

Prizes may include:

  • Apple earbuds
  • Big screen Tv
  • iPad
  • Gift Cards:  $ 10.00, 20.00, 25.00, or 50.00
  • Candy
  • Awesome Trophy