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About me

Welcome Back Bobcats!!!
We are starting a new, in many ways, year, here at our school. First, it gets students a step closer to State college (tuition free for new graduates starting with 2018 graduates). Second, we are starting classes in a new to many Block Schedule, which will give more time to learn the material prepared for the class. And third, we are STEAM Academy, thanks to our administration, and the community, who is supporting our efforts to give and improve the already high quality of instruction to all of our students. 
In a personal note, I am as always, blessed to be part of Oliver Springs the High School. I feel my students give the best they can, and even with struggles, succeed in learning a new language, Spanish. It is so great, when I hear my students outside of class time call me PROFE, or tell me stories of how they had used the Spanish they've learned in class. 
Last but not least, thank you to the community, parents, and guardians, who support us in getting the best education we can give to our students. 
Let's have a year full of new learning that goes beyond class time. 
Profe. Vaca

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Subject pronouns and verbs week of 9/18/17

Students are learning how to recognize a subject pronoun based on names of fellow classmates. They are also learning verbs. The objective is to be able to apply subject pronouns according to verb endings.