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Oliver Springs High School

About me

About my class

I will teach all my students with the same enthusiasm. There will be some students who will love Spanish and look forward to the next class, and there will be others who may just want to pass my class and get it over with. And in both cases, I will teach them all the same way, to the highest level I can teach.

Just bear with me, there might be a chance that you will want to become bilingual one day!

And above all,

Give your best at school, prepare for your ACT, and go to COLLEGE!

About me

Buenos días! My name is Yris Vaca. This is my 5th year at Oliver Springs High School, and I still feel soooo excited to be here and meet my students every day, to teach them Spanish grammar and Latin American culture. 

As most of you know, by now, I am originally from Bolivia, South America, and I moved to the US about 23 years ago. I live with my family, and I have two children who are the light of my life.

I’ve lived in different states: Ohio, New Mexico, Virginia, and now Tennessee. Each place has left wonderful memories of amazing people I have met along the way.

I miss my parents, brothers, nephew, and all my extended family back in Bolivia, but thanks to technology, I can see and talk to them weekly, if not daily. I haven't being able to visit them for two Summer in a row. Hopefully, soon I will be able to see them again in person. I am really glad,  I attended a family reunion during my last visit, where more than 120 relatives were able to attend. 


I am blessed to be in a career that fulfills my dreams of making an impact on others’ lives. I may never know if I had been of positive influence for my student’s career, but as a parent/guardian and a student you can be sure I WILL GIVE MY BEST EVERYDAY!!!

Profe. Vaca