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Desmos Graphing Calculator

This is a graphing-only calculator

Matrix Calculator

Performs matrices operations.

Systems using matrices

Use this calculator to solve a system of 3+ linear equations.

Algebra 1 In Class Links
1ST PERIOD ThatQuiz home page

1st Period lessons and quizzes assigned by Mrs. Vowell

2ND PERIOD Home Page

2nd Period lessons and quizzes assigned by Mrs. Vowell

Ratios - Math is Fun

Ratios Practice

Unit Rates

Practice on Unit Rates

Exponential Growth/Decay Practice

Function Transformations Quick Check

Algebra 2 In Class Links
Parabolas - Math is Fun

Discover how changing a, b, and c in a quadratic (ax2 + bx + c) affects the graph!

Exponential Growth/Decay Practice 2

Exponential Growth/Decay Practice

Real Life Exponential Growth/Decay practice questions

Real-life Arithmetic and Geometric Series

Real-life applications of Arithmetic and Geometric Series

Data and Statistics LearnZillion

Sequences on Sequences


Notating the increasing/decreasing behavior of polynomials

Unit Circle Angle Measures

Practice memorizing the unit circle equivalent degree-radian angles

Using the Unit Circle 1 Practice

Practice Using the Unit Circle - Sine, Cosine, Tangent Only

Uses both degrees and radians

Using the Unit Circle 2 Practice

Practice Using the Unit Circle - Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Secant, Cosecant, Cotangent

Unit Circle 20 question MASTERY

20 question Unit Circle MASTERY ASSESSMENT

Unit Circle 10 Question MASTERY

10 Question Unit Circle MASTERY ASSESSMENT

Radical Equations Real World Applications

4 Real-World applications of using radical equations

Pre-Calculus in Class links
Precalculus Study Tips

General Study Tips

Rational Root Theorem

Notes and example of finding possible rational zeros of a polynomial.

Decartes' Rule of Signs

Rule to determine the possible number of positive real roots,  negative real roots, and complex roots of a polynomial.


Standard Position and Reference Angles

Standard Position and Reference Angles

LearnZillion Unit Circle Trig

Unit Circle Trig Lesson videos

Sinusoidal Functions

Simplify trig expression

A simple example of simplifying a trig expression

Even/Odd Functions

Determine whether a function is Even, Odd, or Neither

Rational Zero Theorem

Rational Zero Theorem Video

Law of Sines and Cosines

How do I know when to use Law of Sines or Law of Cosines?

Polynomial Long Division practice

Polynomial Long Division PRACTICE problems with solutions

Reference Angles

What is a reference angle?  How do I find it?  What are reference angles used for?


Use this link to take assigned quizzes created by Mrs. Vowell, or practice on your own.

ACT Trig overview

A quick overview of trigonometry for the ACT

Trig Without Tears!!

This is a great site about remembering and using trigonometric functions and identities.


Video Lessons of Common Core Mathematics

Education Portal ACT Prep Videos FREE online ACT Prep

CoolMath Pre-Calculus

Leessons for Pre-Calculus concepts that will be needed for Calculus

CoolMath Algebra 2

Lessons for Algebra 2 Concepts

Khan Academy

Math Planet

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra2, Geometry, ACT, and SAT help

Algebra 2 iXL