Attention Faculty, Staff and Students:                  Student Advisory Meetings will be held this week to assist with evaluating transcripts, ensure that all classes needed are assigned and elective focus is chosen for graduation purposes. Advisors will assess needs and ensure all class needs are being met with the student. The student will fill out a change of schedule form, give it to the adviser to turn into to the counseling office. Please do NOT come to the guidance office until called for. We are working consistantly to get class sizes and schedules fixed ASAP!                                                                                          #AnotherChance #AlwaysImproving

OSHS Vision

•The vision of Oliver Springs High School is to create a positive community culture through shared leadership that is inclusive of all stakeholders in order to ensure educational success for all students and develop lifelong learners.


OSHS Mission

 •The mission of Oliver Springs High School is to provide a safe and challenging learning environment that ensures that all students are college/career ready individuals who stand out for excellence in a globally competitive environment.


OSHS Goals Summary

 1. Improve ACT Scores

 2. Improve the school/community climate​


School Events